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London Hotels

London HotelsAt one point in history, London was the largest city in the world. While it has relinquished that title, London still remains at the forefront of "the world's great cities". London's celebration of its dazzling history combines with its 21st Century hospitality to engage and entertain visitors from around the world. From the arts to sports, from fashion to film to finance, London offers the world traveler a multitude of options...the only problem is choosing which options to see!

As Europe's largest city, London is host to more than 25 millions visitors a year; yet, there is always time for tea and a leisurely stroll through London's famous parks and boroughs. Popular destinations abound including theatres, concert halls, shops, restaurants, sports venues, world famous landmarks and hundreds of restaurants with cuisines from around the world.

Part of the English charm is their fondness for children (of all ages) and this is reflected in the wide variety of attractions that will appeal to any youngster. Zoos, rides, arcades, museums, theatres and music attractions are just some of the destinations that are geared especially for the younger visitors.

London England hotelsMillions of visitors from around the globe attest to the continuing popularity of shopping at Harrods's, shivering in historic contemplation at the Tower of London, recalling childhood nursery rhymes at the site of London Bridge, touring Buckingham Palace and the Parliament building, and reliving the glories of the British Empire while enjoying the animals of the London Zoo. Evenings begin with dinners at restaurants found in dozens of ethnic neighborhoods across London, continue with an evening at the theatre or the London Symphony, and a late evening stop in a neighborhood &"public house" for a refresher before the last bell sounds.

Dozens of guided and self-guided tours emanate from London to the surrounding countryside to destinations such as Greenwich Observatory, Stratford-on-Avon and farther on to western England, Scotland and Wales. Many visitors also plan a quick round-trip on the "Chunnel", the undersea tube connecting England with France. And no visit to London would be complete without a ride on the famous "double-decker" buses. It would take a lifetime to see everything that London has to offer ... perhaps that's why no many visitors regard their trip to London as a "once in a lifetime experience". Once you visit this "Queen of all cities", you may agree!

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